We’re back!

Yes folks, we’re back. Previously found at Blogger, I have moved my old blog efforts to this new real estate. The old posts were done while working at Lost Boys and as part of writing the strategic marketing plan for the company as part of a NIMA C marketing course. In the meantime, the course has been succesfully completed and I have moved on to pursue my own venture. Not out yet, keep ya posted.

Why blogging again? Noticed recently that I missed having a place where I could organize my Web-whereabouts and rant a bit about the things that matter to me. For my own reference mainly, but hope you find some stuff in here that you like too.

Why WordPress.com? Well, sort of like this is the best tool I found if you want more functionality than Blogger, Vox etc. but don’t need your own version of the software on your own server with your own domain. Still looking for carpentier.com, so that will be the moment to switch again πŸ˜‰ And most of all, I absolutely like the open source ‘policy’ regarding data on this blog, as in: my data πŸ˜‰ I feel secure knowing that I can do whatever I want with the assets and move on.

Oh, and I switched to English as you have probably noticed by now…


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