One century

In January this year I visited NYC for a week long work related trip. In my spare time I also visited Ellis Island which is very impressive. According to Census Bureau, of the current 240 million Americans approximately 120 million can be traced back to one of the 12 million immigrants that arrived at Ellis Island between 1890 and 1920. Although not an immigrant, one of the visitors that arrived at Ellis Island on December 24, 1918 was my grandfather Jacobus Carpentier. He was active as the radio operator at a commercial vessel. Almost a century later, and thanks to Internet technology, I am in a position to check his original passenger record and ship manifest. I think this is utterly amazing.



  1. Hi Gerwin,

    Tnx for the link, will check it out! And you can expect a launch very soon, I’ll let you know. And for the English, the potential reach of the blog increases indeed 😉 But without kidding, it’s more that it feels more natural since about 95% of the things I read online is in English.


  2. Hi Ronald,

    Good that you are back on the Internet and in the open.
    I was wondering how your business was/is doing 🙂

    And I’m still veryyyyy curious what it is!
    Lloking forward to see your business,


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