Tivoli it is

Yes, the decision has been made and is was a tough one, emotionally. I have decided to temporarily store my hifi music components combination consisting of a NAD CD/DVD/MP3 player and amplifier combined with Dali speakers. The sound experience that this combination produces is excellent but we are expecting a little one any time now and have rigorouly redone our home and it doesn’t fit anymore. Let alone the space needed for my CD and DVD collection. The solution? First, I sideloaded all my music from CD to PC over the last two years, which was quite a job. According to an article in Business Week last year I’m not the only one:

“Indeed, despite the iPod’s success, most people fill their players with songs from CD collections. The average iPod owner has purchased just 25 songs or so via iTunes — a couple of CDs’ worth.”

Actually, I didn’t even made the 25. Due to the crappy thing called DRM I’ll stick with the CD format.

Secondly, today I bought a companion for my iPod: the Tivoli iSongBook, in white that is. A bit pricey, but small, brilliant design and the sound is definitely “above par”, as one of the reviews suggests. We’ll have it somewhere next week and I can’t wait to start enjoying it.

UPDATE: In Holland, the average number of paid songs per iPod sold is just 3.5 according to research agency GfK in Emerce.


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