Attacks in virtual worlds

As reported by paidContent, virtual world Second Life is more and more in battle with viruses lately. It appears to me that virtual worlds, social networks, static sites, weblogs and for that matter the Internet as a whole cannot escape forces that try to disrupt their power base and all have to learn to deal with the same issues. The same article contains a nice anecdote of how SL-founder Philip Rosedale dealt with one of these issues in the old days:

“Back in 2003, when I was editing a short-lived newsletter for videogame executives, I spent some time with Linden Lab founder Philip Rosedale. He had just learned that one particular player was harrassing others, so he found that player in the game, trapped the player in a ball, and wouldn’t let the player out until he received a promise that the player would play nice from now on.”


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