How to approach TechCrunch

One of the sites I visit daily to keep track of new startups worldwide is TechCrunch. A lot has been written lately about the influence of this blog. A nice example of these writings was a cover story in the Wall Street Journal begin November about TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington (subscription required). More recently, venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki interviewed Arrington and wrote a nice blogpost about how to approach TechCrunch. His conclusion:

“In short, you should approach TechCrunch as you would a venture capitalist except that TechCrunch doesn’t write checks, but it can get you in front of 250,000 or so people.”

BTW the guys from Amsterdam based startup Fleck managed to get in his blog one week ago. Good work.

UPDATE: Just saw this great cartoon from one of my favorite bloggers, Hugh MacLeod. The guy cracks me up all the time. Thought you might enjoy it too.


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