Free Dutch newspaper – not online

I was about to link to an interview I read last Thursday in the printed version of Adformatie (nr. 47) – a Dutch weekly about advertisement, marketing and media. It isn’t high on my online reading list but decided to give it a go. I tried Adfo’s search engine and typed “Boekhoorn” and this is what came back, twice:


I think it will take some time before I visit them again, sorry guys.

Anyway, the article contained an interview with publisher Cornelis van den Berg and Erik Breeuwsma of the free newspaper that is planned to be launched Q1 2007. Two quotes (my translation):

– “I don’t understand why newspapers are so fascinated with weblogs, video and user generated content” (Van den Berg).

“And now a remark about that multimedia thing. I hear that we are coming to an era of information in which we will all communicate and send and receive. But that is all nonsense. I don’t know a person who watches more than two websites on a regular basis” (Breeuwsma).

Maybe they should take a look around and see what their potential readers are doing besides reading their free newspaper when there is no Internet connection available. These guys are clueless.


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