Google’s new strategy

Nice post by Nicholas Carr about Google’s new strategy. Apparently they will simplify their offering because even management cannot keep track of what’s happening in the company. “Features, not products” is the new mantra. Based on a quote from Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Carr guesses that the strategy must consist of five product groups:

“What I found most intriguing, though, was Schmidt’s remark that “people can only remember five products.” These guys are sticklers for precision when it comes to numbers, so I’m guessing that the number “five” didn’t just pop into Schmidt’s brain when he was preparing his words for the Business 2.0 piece. In fact, I’m not sure you’d be going too far out on a limb if you were to speculate that five is Google’s current target for a product set. Five is the magic number.”

Actually, according to research by George Miller, the magical number is seven, plus or minus two. I was first introduced to the concept by Barbara Minto in her brilliant book “The Pyramid Principle” about the logic in writing, thinking and problem solving.


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