My preferences behind locks

A few years ago I was subscribed to the McKinsey Quarterly. Next to the printed version I was granted access to some premium content such as articles and email newsletters and alerts which I could manage from the section My Profile on their website. After I decided to cancel my subscription my access to premium content on the site also ended. I still receive the email alerts and newsletters – which is strange – and decided today to cancel them because they locked their premium content anyway. Which makes them less relevant in my life than they could have been. As you can see on the screenshot below I unsubscribed from one of their email newsletters.


I still receive some alerts on other topics and according to the unsubscribe confirmation I will have to go to My Profile to cancel them. For which I don’t have login details anymore because my account was cancelled, remember? And of which I have reminded them via email already a few months ago. And haven’t heard back. This sucks because I like a clean email inbox. And every time I see their emails I am reminded of this sloppy service. And of the fact that I will probably never read the Quarterly again unless they unleash their digital wisdom.

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