And/and vs. either/or

In a recent post from Doc Searls he rants about a post from Richard MacManus about a leaked memo from a Yahoo VP who is critisizing the lack of focus in the company when it comes to integrating acquisitions. One example is the relationship of the acquired photosite Flickr – I’m a very happy user – and Yahoo Photos. Richard states Flickr should be killed of and its technology leveraged by Photos. Doc says an acquisition is more than technology. In the case of Flickr, he calls it “…communities. It’s a sense of place. It’s love”. He goes on to say: Cut off the head and the body dies.” I really relate to his words. But what is missing in the discussion in my opinion is that the focus is too much on the brand side instead of on Yahoo’s unclear strategy on how to to leverage the knowledge of the Flickr team and its more geeky audience to the benefits of Yahoo Photos and its more mainstream audience. Maybe the answer is and/and instead of either/or. Focus is not an end result of killing of brands. It’s not that simple.


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