I got tagged

As you have probably already noticed there is this game going around the blogosphere called Blog-Tag. The game was started by Jeff Pulver on December 10. Goal of the game is to reveal five things about yourself that relatively few people know. I got tagged by Yme Bosma. So, here goes:

  1. I started my career at financial services provider ING in 1998 as an international management trainee. After two and a half years I figured I wasn’t too happy about the prospect of being a banker the rest of my life so after meeting Yme Bosma I decided to join MVLG which was shortly thereafter acquired by digital marketing agency Lost Boys. After an amazing five and a half years in several client facing positions I decided last May to start my own business around an Internet consumer service on which I am currently working.
  2. This weblog is actually my third blog. My first blog was the company weblog for Lost Boys which was started mid-2004 and for which I wrote together wih Ton de Jong. It has been killed mid-2005. I started my second blog beginning 2005 as part of my NIMA C marketing course (Dutch only). All 2005 posts stated in the archive have been imported from that blog (Dutch only).
  3. I got my bachelors in business administration at the Rotterdam School of Management which is part of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. During my studies I was drummer of the Hermes House Band (Dutch only) with whom I reached the number one position in the Dutch charts in December 1994 with the single”I will survive“.
  4. I am a true sports fanatic: I play golf, hockey, and love track & field. I actually have run the marathon of Rotterdam in 1997. Since February I have started with the mixed martial art Shooto, which I love.
  5. I am about to become a father. My guess is within the next 24 hours 😉

I hereby tag John Brenninkmeijer, Eveline Aendekerk, and Martijn de Visser.


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