No problem

The circulation of Dutch newspapers keeps going down as illustrated by the figures for Q3 2006 (Dutch only). A spokeswoman of the national marketing organization for Dutch newspapers Cebuco (Dutch only) says it is not necessary to “ring the alarmbell”. Hello? BTW the tagline of Cebuco is something in the line of “Nothing beats the paper”. Right.



  1. Haha 😉 Very funny indeed.

    Chris Anderson already noted a long time ago that the decline of most mass media is inevitable and going forward since 2000.

    Pull and personalized media will soon rule over push, brodcast media. The former intensify the relationship and satisfaction while the latter amplifies that whats already successful on a minor scale.

    My suggestions for newspapers are:
    – Migrate slowly towards a complete digital version of your paper
    – Focus on loyal/heavy/networked users
    – Include a niche social network service
    – Develop more specialized wikis with your users
    – Buy / include popular blogs in your site and offline editions (learn from citizen journalism, OhMyNews, LeMonde, Dan Gilmore, Henry Jenkins etc.)
    – Localize, visualize, personalize and synthesize as much as possible
    – Focus on deep content/articles/posts (integrative/historic/evolutionary)
    – Open your online content for all search engines as to boost conversational value of your articles and thus integrate advertisers afterwards. Open rules. Closed systems are of no value on the Internet. If a paper does not exist in Google, its irrelevant. Google = PR = brand = conversation, just like Wikipedia and Technorati, both also very key for survival of newspapers.

  2. Good suggestions although I do not agree about your point of totally migrating to a digital paper. In my opinion a paper version can serve the goal of providing in-depth analysis that is less tied to current events.

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