The future of advertising

Anyone interested in the advertising industry should read this post by Hugh MacLeod:

“Note how the official Saatchi’s line is now “We’re an ideas company, not an advertising agency”. Again, I think that is sound thinking. They’ve seen the writing on the wall, and they’re working like hell to evolve away from the big-media-world-domination model they grew up with, and towards something more useful and meaningful. With any luck, they’ll succeed, but only if they can understand “The Porous Membrane” idea, and not fall into the trap of “Bagelnomics”.”

I do not want to brag about it but it reminded me of a blogpost I wrote in February 2005 (Dutch only) in which I made exactly the same suggestion for the future role of my employer at the time, Lost Boys which is part of LBIcon. Therefore, agree.


  1. I think the proposition of focussing primarily on your role as an idea *merchant*, leaves out an important part of the population that consumes what is sold.

    Therefore, although I think I wholeheartedly agree with your basic viewpoint, I’d like to propose a creative innovation on the idea: that of idea participant. One that is interested in the effortless and wholesome realm of free idea sharing, implementation and collaboration. It is a role that is played from the win-win standpoint of mutual intrinsic interest, before it polarizes to a role in terms of producer-consumer/employer-employee.

    I think a shift like this in the way we approach our role as media technologists (social engineers perhaps?) is one that not only works for us in realizing our goals, but can also function as the blueprint of a new social gaming platform, one that cleverly lays a synergetic link between the realms of marketing and social engagement.

    Still have to read the post by Hugh by the way 🙂 I like his dry wit and cartoonesque style. I think it would be awesome to produce a European Diggnation with him.

  2. Maybe it’s a matter of semantics but my basic point is that it is about ideas and that the agencies of the future evolve around them. And yes, in getting to meaningfull ideas they better listen to and enter into a dialogue with people.

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