More meaning

A few days ago Google introduced a new feature into its Reader product called Reader Trends. I didn’t notice it untill today but I love it. It analyzes your reading trends from the last month. For example, I learned that I read the most blogposts from Gapingvoid, my favorite day to read blogs is Monday and I read most at 2 pm. What is it good for you might ask? For one, it will permit me to manage my reading more effectively. I tend to keep my subscriptions below 25 feeds, excluding feeds to e.g. follow certain threads like comments on my Flickr photos, because over the years it has proven to be an amount of information I can absorp meaningfully. This means sometimes when I stumble onto an interesting new blog I will have to delete a blog from my reader that I don’t read that often. Reader Trends will provide me with information to make an informed decision. My prediction is that in the future these kind of feedback loops will be integrated more and more in the products and services we use because it will give more meaning to our actions. And when our actions related to a certain product or service get more meaning, these products and services in return will get more meaning.


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