Unique voices

This post and discussion at Tom Peters blog caught my eye. In the post and it’s comments the various angles of enabling or not enabling the comments section of a weblog are discussed. Also check this post for some views on the subject. For me, it doesn’t make a difference per se. I know a number of excellent blogs without a comments section, eg. Seth Godin’s. And I know a lot of weblogs with a comments section that suck. My take is that the most important factor is that the writers voice is unique. A comments section will not make up for the lack of an interesting point of view. And if people care enough they will make their voice heard elsewhere. Think Treonauts, written by a fanatic user. But once the comment switch is turned on, you’ll have to invest by taking part in the conversation. It’s all about managing expectations. But what I just noticed by checking the comments at TP’s is that they don’t support trackbacks. Isn’t this post part of the discussion?

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