Protecting your online identity

I’ve written about the theme of online identity before. In this post I reffered to Jason Kolb and I really like the way he approaches this theme in a very pragmatic way. Check out one of his latest posts in which he shares tips and tricks to control his online identity:

“I believe that in 2007 a lot more attention will be paid to the value of our online identity. This will take a number of forms including the Web sites that pop up when someone searches for you on Google, how much control you have over those Web sites, and how much control you have over your email address(es). And last but not least, would it be possible for someone else to hijack your online identity by making alternate handles that they have created more publicly visible than the ones that you really want people to see?”

BTW One additional strategy that I followed: In case you cannot get a hold of your preferred personal domain immediately you could go for a hosted blogging platform like WordPress that enables you to move your data later on in case you get your favourite personal URL.



  1. I think as your online identity becomes more valuable both controlling and protecting will become more important. I think this is illustrated by the fact that more and more news is coming out about people complaining about identity theft and trying to exert more control over their online identity. But we’ll see!

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