The opportunity of Yahoo! Pipes

Yesterday, Yahoo! released Yahoo! Pipes, a visual editing interface for web feed manipulation and reconstruction. Check it out here and here. What that means? That you can combine feeds of data sources available on the Web to create new webservices. For example, you can combine any foreign news feed with Babelfish to create a personalized news stream in your own language. The goal of Yahoo! with the launch of Pipes is to open up the possibilities of the distributed web to a larger audience. I have played around a bit with the tool and while I do see the potential I think it is still rather time consuming to construct some relevant mashups. Therefore, my guess is that in the short run it opens up a lot of possibilities for publishers who are serving a specific audience. They can now offer their clients targeted mashups through their own publishing platforms. And who knows, if the editing interface will become more simple in the future it might also appeal more to mainstream users.



  1. So the Internet is a series op pipes ?…”The Internet is not something you just dump something on. It’s not a truck. It’s a series of tubes,” Senator Stevens, said during a June 28 committee session

  2. Dit is nu ook een standard onderdeel van de lancering van een web 2.0 dienst: nu:
    “Our Pipes are Clogged!

    Dear Users…

    Due to overwhelming demand we’ve had to significantly increase available capacity. We’ll be back up shortly.”

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