Don’t promise what you can’t deliver

I don’t want to appear to be bashing Microsoft all the time but the reason I switched to Gmail was the terribly outdated Hotmail service. Now that they have a new service called Windows Live Mail I was very anxious to see for myself if they could step up their game. I switched accounts and…got redirected to the old Hotmail environment. Huh? Then I read this post (Dutch only) that states that besides offering the default Hotmail interface after switching accounts they will also keep the Hotmail name to make the step “less scary” for users. I don’t get it: you have a new service that is supposed to be an improvement (yes!)…you make people switch with a promise (ok, show me…) and then everything stays the same (%$@##!). Microsoft, I’m not scared, I wanna see the new AJAX interface of Live Mail in action! Where? And if it’s not live yet, why make me switch now?

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