Give it away

I was a drummer in the Hermes House Band (Dutch only) at the time we scored a no1 hit in Holland back in ’94. The song sold over 1 million copies over the years but we didn’t make that much compared to all promoters etc. involved. If I ever have to take the decision again I would go for it the way Fred Wilson suggests: auction off tickets to shows. But first, I would give away the music for free…

“The music business is so screwed up. They overcharge for music and undercharge for tickets. They handicap the sale of online music (the future) to protect the CD (the past). Thank god some artists have rejected the whole music business and are going it alone. That’s our way out of this mess for sure.”

UPDATE: Brad Sucks is getting close to what I mean. BTW What a brilliant name for a one-man band & his guitar rocks. Via David Weinberger.


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