Passion = T-shirts

I am reading The Art of Innovation by Tom Kelly, CEO of IDEO. I am halfway and my impression until now is that it is a really pragmatic book mainly focussing on the processes underlying innovation, e.g. brainstorming techniques. The other aspect is the people part which he touches upon here and there. Main point: you should define the projects you are working on as contributing to a higher cause to really get the juices going, even though the contribution itself might be a small one. How can you tell if somebody feels this passion? One example he uses is that this is the case if someone at a party is proud to tell what projects he is working on.

Then I noticed this tag at


Do you think they have a motivation problem? Guess not.

When Googling for Kelly’s book I stumbled upon this old post from Kathy Sierra:

“Where there is passion, there are t-shirts.”

I wonder if they have a T-shirt of that pay-off over at WordPress, it would make a great one. It wouldn’t surprise me.

I am definately going to design some for the two projects I am working on.



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