Moving over to the Web

I recognize the trend Vincent Scoble describes in this post when talking about a new desktop RSS reader for the NYT:

“Some things that that technology does that the Web doesn’t do are much better text control, better typography, and better resizing of the app on different resolution screens. But, it doesn’t matter. Google Reader is eating the lunch of this approach. Why? Cause we’ll put up with a little less readability in order to share items with other people, in order to see the information on multiple computers and platforms, and the ability to mash up the content with content from other services ala BlogLines, NewsGator, or Google Reader or other RSS aggregators.”

This is the reason I’m moving my life over to the web more and more, e.g. Google Reader, Flickr,, Delicious etc. The only reason that is keeping me from ditching Windows Office completely and moving to Google Calendar and Docs & Spreadsheets is the integration between my Nokia N70 and Outlook. Where Outlook synchronizes all items from my calendar, contacts, tasks and notes to my phone, Google can only handle calendar items by using this little app. As far as I know, so in case you have a solution I’m gone…


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