In an blogpost by Chris Anderson called “Who needs a CIO?” he states that he learned the following at an annual conference of CIO’s, which was widely shared by the attendants:

“That puts many CIOs in the position of not being the technology innovator in their company, but rather the dead weight keeping the real technology innovators–employees who want to use the tools increasingly available on the wide-open Web to help them do their jobs better–from taking matters into their own hands. ”

The big question among the conference goers remained how to become relevant again.

My proposal: become a CKM instead of a CIO. A Chief Knowledge Manager that is. The top dog who provides for and manages company wide shared resources like knowledge bases, wikis etc. But besides focusing on systems and IT he also has to focus on culture and people’s skills to drive a knowledge driven organization to help people to do their job better. What do you think?



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