IM on steroids

First read about it via Scoble a few days ago and was triggered but didn’t act on it. This morning checked out Techmeme and saw a reference to this very good post by Elizabeth Lane Lawley which made me very curious about Twitter. Described by Puckman – who I found through Joi Ito’s page – as “IM on steroids”, that’s exactly what it is.

You can log what you’re doing by sending messages to your own account by using the webbrowser, IM or SMS. This is my page. Messages can be put public or private. By adding someone as a friend you become a follower which makes their messages appear on your page as well. If someone adds you as a friend as well you are – duh – friends 😉 I feel really excited about it because it looks like a very intuitive and non-intrusive way to keep track of the whereabouts of people you care about. Will experiment with the tool and report back.


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