Pile of rubble

I was already Twittering away about the Viacom – YouTube lawsuit yesterday after I read this post from Mark Cuban and didn’t know what to make of it. I didn’t agree on Cuban’s take that YouTube is about making playlists of chunks of content to view whole shows and movies. Sure, it happens, but is that the main type of content that is consumed at “Gootube”? Don’t think so. So my first reaction was that it was an negotiation tactic to get a bigger piece of the pie. But then again, who’s pie?

Then read this post from Umair Haque and he hits the nail on the head:

“The problem is that, in reality, YouTube is about microchunks – not hour-long programs. If it was just another “distribution channel”, the industry wouldn’t have a problem – make a new window, slice up the pie, bob’s yer uncle. The problem is that it’s something new, which is radically, fundamentally altering the dominant TV business model, reshaping it (and it’s about time, isn’t it?). Now, this is bad for Mark, who’s bet on the same old business model – just made a little bit more efficient. But that’s another story. Viacom, I think, isn’t really concerned about the Sopranos on YouTube – but about YouTube (plus Myspace) reducing MTV (etc) to a smouldering pile of rubble.”

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