The importance of content

Joi Ito paints his picture of the state of the gaming industry:

“And… while there are certain companies and individuals who are bridging the gap between the gaming industry and the Internet, the gaming industry is making the same mistakes that the content guys have been making since the beginning of networked computers. They ALWAYS over-estimate the importance of the content and vastly underestimate the desire of users/people to communicate with each other and share. “

At first it felt kind of counter intuitive to me. But I can imagine that there is a big difference between the companies producing MMO’s (e.g. Blizzard with WoW) and the traditional console based players.

Idea inspired by Steven: what if the gaming industry made it possible to interact with the content of one of those other arrogant industries, the music industry? I can think of a number of pretty cool implementations where you use a certain gameplay to interact with the music of your favorite artist and connect with other fans…


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