Unexpected benefits

“Gaming is good”. The tagline of a new campaign developed for the organisation for the Dutch entertainment industry NVPI interactive (Dutch only) by Dutch advertising agency JuniorSenior. Aimed at 25-55 year olds, the Atari generation so to say. It should make them game more, often etc. As I could read in the printed version of Dutch advertising weekly Adformatie – couldn’t find the article online so no link love 😉 – apparently, there are a number of reasons why they should become hooked. One of them, according to Ab Kuijer of JuniorSenior, is that gaming makes you more social. To illustrate these positive benefits he goes on to tell us that he and his team at JuniorSenior – all gamers off course – have a business meeting every other week while they game. Sounds like an interesting setting: “Good point you raise about decling profits John, but let me get back to that after this level”. Pretty social indeed.


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