W or M?

My Windows based laptop finally broke down. Just recently put an extra 1Gb of RAM in the machine which made it so much faster. But the hard disk crashed. Aargh. I’m going for a new machine altogether.

I have been contemplating a MacBook Pro and a good rig by Compaq HP. To make an informed decision I talked to a number of people and did some online research. 

Paul Graham claims all would be entrepreneurs in the Valley are getting hip to Macs and Fred Wilson just switched back to a MacBook and seems to be happy. Hugh MacLeod doesn’t seem to be all that happy with his switch but he doesn’t extensively articulate why.

But I found that these rather dated posts – and I make the assumption that the basic workings of OSX haven’t changed in the meantime – give some pretty good insight in what you can expect as a Windows user turning to a Mac: check this post by Jeremy Zawodny and this post by Russell Beattie.

I think you can guess how my decision turned out 😉


  1. Note however that the major difference between the Macbook being mentioned by the rather dated posts and the Macbook Pro is that you can run Windows OS on the latter (in conjunction with MacOS). I have seen this working and was very impressed with it. Personally, I would go for the Macbook Pro 😉

  2. I know of the possibilities BootCamp offers from friends who switched to a Mac. And they also tell me they almost never use it – although it looks brilliant. And intuitively it also sounds strange to switch to a Mac and use Windows. It didn’t make sense to me to pay a price premium of 30%+ for really nice hardware when I would mainly use the Windows based software since the native Mac apps don’t cut it for me as primarily a business user. Anyways, the machine still looks amazing!

  3. Switched to Mac some months ago and the only thing I regret is that I didn’t decide to do so much earlier. Honestly: better interface, faster, user friendly. And the thing looks damn good, for sure.

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