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Dutch consumer interest program Kassa ran an item (Dutch only) last Saturday that said that a test they conducted confirms claims by gamers who bought the Xbox 360 last December that the machine scratches and destroys their discs for no reasons. After ignoring the issue for almost 4 months Microsoft now says they are going to look into the problem.

I was attended to the issue by a post on Techmeme which lead to a post on the worlds largest gadget weblog Engadget. Please check out the comments to see how Microsoft has dealt with the issue over the past few months. Just a snippet from a comment by Tid:

“I had a launch console, and within a month it scratched PGR3 so bad it was no longer playable. When i rang the support line i was told by some American woman sat in America that it was because most houses in Britain are unstable and this caused vibrations which were the cause of my disc scratching. Honestly, i know 3 year olds that talk more sense.”

Funny, but sad. But my point is this: it is ok to screw up but make sure you fix it in a proper way. One way to start is by joining this conversation. I’ve checked all comments to the Engagdet post and no sign of Microsoft tuning in. Why should they do, you might ask? Well, maybe a good reason is that as the largest gadget weblog in the world Engadget has a daily reach of 0.2% of the worlds’ 1.1 billion Internet users. This means meaning approx. 2 million highly influential visitors per day read about Microsoft screwing up. Enough reason?

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