Leap from three to one

Just by accident I searched for “mail” in Google. These were the results:


Aren’t these organic search results remarkable when we know that Yahoo! Mail is the most popular webmail provider closely followed by Microsoft Hotmail? At some distance, Gmail becomes third. The order ïn the search results is different and no sign of Hotmail. Who determines relevancy again?



  1. er bet theres more links to Gmail logins on the web now and I am not surprised that the Daily mail ranks so well.

    Papers in the uk have much bigger distributions that almost all American papers.

  2. Interesting post.

    My 2 cents:
    – It could be that Google manipulated some commercially interesting search results manually. Nobody knows I guess…. Does the same logic apply to keywords like “storage, online storage, social networking, online video, online advertising, banner campaigns, 3D web” etc. ?
    – It is also possible that this search engine result page is the result of the amount of inbound links towards the Gmail application from leading third party bloggers and websites. Link popularity.
    – It is also possible that Google used other SEO tactics to boost their ranking.

    Your post seems to suggest that the most popular (in terms of usage and users) results should be presented accordingly by Google. This is not the case in the Google algorithms to my knowledge. Or are Google Analytics stats integrated at this point ? Or perhaps soon ?

  3. @Yuri: about link popularity, that was Neuromancers point as well and he is probably right. And indeed, your interpretation of my suggestion is correct 😉 I think a whole world can be gained in relevancy of search results.

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