Ever heard of the Cluetrain?

Richard MacManus at Read/Write Web points at a new Disney gadget a.k.a. widget as “…pointing to the future of marketing”. He bases his point on the widgets’ interactivity and rich real-time data including video. The widget is aimed at luring people to the company’s Hong Kong theme park. The one thing he doesn’t refer to is the fact that Disney is about to make a deal with Microsoft and large OEMs selling computers in China to pre-install the widget on consumer PC’s. According to the Seattle Times:

“No details were provided about the size of the application, the computing resources it uses or whether consumers could remove these branded gadgets.”

This tactic sounds pretty intrusive to me. The power of widgets is that it enables people to pull content towards them that they choose to. Disney is flipping the coin again and trying to push its message down the throat of people. I hardly believe this is a pointer to the future of marketing, no matter how interactive the widget might be.

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