Can I ask you a question?

If you’re at the site of LinkedIn you now can. You can post a question that will be forwarded by email to you whole network besides being posted at the homepage of your network after they login. It goes with a maximum of 200 people and you can post ten questions per month. I’m sure you can do more if you have a premium account but I haven’t checked it out. This is how it looks.

I decided to check out if it works and posted a question because I’m looking for office space in Amsterdam for my startup. Within five minutes I had ten perfect leads which is a response rate of about 10% of my network on LinkedIn. Yes I know, I’m not that cool as you guys and girls who have the 500+ in front of their names 😉 Working on that one. I think it is an awesome service. This LinkedIn thing is getting more usefull every day. And the best thing is that it isn’t intrusive at all. Don’t wanna be spammed by my irrelevant questions? Just state in your own LinkedIn profile that you don’t want email notifications for questions. Then you will only encounter them on the homepage of the service after you login. BTW thanks a lot for your tips!



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