Distribution of the future

Was reading the news about ComScore announcing Widget Metrix, a new service to track the usage of widgets on web sites and blogs. Widgets, you know, these little boxes that sit on this blog and state my music listening habits, the stuff I read etc. by pulling content from other web services I use. I think the service from ComScore is perfectly timed and really serves the new reality of the distributed Web perfectly. Just take a look at the popularity of widgets at distribution platforms such as FaceBook, MySpace and a lot of blogs worldwide, just to name a few example. These apps will be monetized in the near future for sure. But I don’t want to go on about that too long, you are probably familiar with these developments.

The thing it made me remember of was an article I read from Jeff Jarvis a long time ago about “widgethink”. I thought I blogged about it but couldn’t find it in my archives. So I Googeled for the post and yes, I found it. It was written two years ago!

Jarvis’ article in relation to the whole distributed Web meme made me think of a quote I heard recently and which apparantly belongs to a science fiction writer called William Gibson:

“The future is here. It’s just not evenly distributed yet.”

Spot on.

UPDATE: Seems that I helped Jeff Jarvis out with remembering what he wrote a while back. But then I noticed that I forgot to link to his “widgethink” post in my original post so here it is. Praise where praise is due 🙂


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