Moblogging happiness

Was just checking my feeds tonight and Ben Barren pointed to a post by Evan Williams of Twitter. Interesting to see how he thinks about funding his company. My take he was looking for some more interested funds through his post. But that’s not the subject of this post.

I clicked through to Evan’s photoblog at Flickr and ended up here in their lovely offices πŸ˜‰ In the comments they were talking about using a mobile upload tool called ShoZu.


I was actually, since a few days, looking passively for such a tool for my Nokia N70 and decided to try it out. A nice example of serendipity I would say. It is absolutely brilliant. I was up and running in 15 minutes as you can see here. You can post pictures and videos to your preferred sites (YouTube, Flickr, WordPress, Vox, etc.) or send it to email adresses. You can also make calls while the service is sending the pictures so that’s cool. It also lets you add titles and tags to your photos which is great. You can also edit details of pictures after sending them out but that was one thing which was a bit fuzzy. I didn’t know if it had sent my added tags and title afterwards. It turned out the tag was added but I’m still waiting for the title for one of the photos. The GUI of the phone app was a bit unclear for this feature. Furthermore, the service also automatically adds geodata if you have a GPS enabled phone which makes me think about purchasing one. If you have a suggestion, please do so but I have to say in advance that I’m a Nokia fan πŸ™‚

I make a lot of photos with my camera phone but always end up with a truckload of them that I have to upload now and then from my phone to my PC on to my Flickr account. And that’s also less interesting for family and friends who follow my photo feeds because the photos are less up to date. This app will definitely change that and will also stimulate me in moblogging even more.


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