It should shuffle more

I listen to my music a lot through iTunes and have about 5000 songs in the library. I started to use the Party shuffle option more often lately and enjoyed it at first. But I noticed that the songs aren’t chosen that randomly.


There are certain artists and albums that get significant more ‘airtime’ than others, about a factor 10 I guess. So for example, I only have one ebook and one of the chapters always ends up of in my list of 15 next songs to be played. All settings are ok, it checks the whole library etc. So I dove into the issue and found out that a lot of other people experience the same thing. I think the Apple algorithm for shuffle play is flawed. Why is it so difficult to choose one random number out of a whole group? Or am I over-simplifying matters here?



  1. I am experiencing the same thing. For some reason I always have my Italian course included in the shuffle. Would be handy if iTunes had a possibility to exclude certain songs/content from the shuffle.

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