Losing the tagline

Yes, I’m back. Had a wonderful time in France with the three of us. The weather wasn’t great but that meant more time for books. In one of them, the Cluetrain Manifesto, David Weinberger states the following in his piece The Longing:

“Meager though it may be, a home page is like having a voice.”


And I have been thinking a lot the past two weeks about my own voice. And I felt as though I wasn’t telling everything by limiting myself to subjects within the realm of my self-chosen tagline “thoughts on the intersection of strategy, marketing, media, leadership and technology”. And that didn’t feel good anymore. I often have the urge to speak out on matters more broad than that such as music and sports. And that’s why I have decided to ditch the tagline. From now on it’s just The World According to Carp. Hope you can appreciate it as well. Let’s find out together.



  1. Good for you. The boundaries set are as wide as you make them…..

    That’s the reason why i started with one weblog and decided to create a second after 4 years.. One is for my personal everyday life and the other for my marketingpassion in everyday life.

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