Make mantra

I was introduced to the concept of “Make mantra” through Guy Kawasaki’s book The Art of the Start which I am currently reading. I think it is a very powerfull concept and I have been thinking about it a lot lately. This post from Doc Searls got me thinking again. It contains the Google and Technorati mantra.

So what’s that, a mantra? Don’t think mission statements full of stuff that doesn’t say anything’ but instead think the following:

“A mantra is three or four words long. Tops. Its purpose is to help employees truly understand why the organization exists.”


I have come up with a good one for the service I’m working on and will share it with you as soon as we go live.

Do you have one? Maybe for yourself? Your organization? I would love to hear about it.



  1. Not really, there is no value in it. “Werken met handen en hoofd.” which we borrowed from Bob Crebas the old owner of thriftshops and

    Saw this one today on a Chinese website:

    “Our belief: credit is the first, customers are our god.”

  2. Nice. But should the mantra also contain something about the ‘what’ next to the ‘how’? In my opinion it should, for example in end benefits terms, e.g. Nike’s “Authentic athletic performance” or Federal Express’s “Peace of Mind”. That’s why the Google and Technorati example aren’t that good I think – although stimulating already.

  3. // Om Namo Bhagvate Anjaneyaay Mahabalaay Hanumante Namah: //

    A Mantra can be longer than 3 or 4 Words. A “Chalisa” is a 40-Verse Mantra, for instance.
    You can download “Hanuman Chalisa” in Text and Music (To learn) and more like “Bajrang Baan”, a 35-Verse Mantra, here:

    Besides, there is a Jaap-Mala Mantra (108 Times), which is easy to learn.

    YouRs SinCereLy CrippLeD SaM

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