FoxyTunes rules

FoxyTunes is about the coolest addon for Firefox I know of. It enables you to control any mediaplayer you want from within your browser. It looks like this:


You can also get more information on any song you are listening to by clicking through to the FoxyTunes Planet where they have aggregated the lyrics, photos from Flickr, videos from YouTube etc. It is very addictive and I constantly check out all available social media about my favorite music.

Today they added a cool new feature called Signatunes. It enables you to insert a link within a blogpost or mail you are writing stating what music you are listening to. It also links to the FoxyTunes Planet page about that song. So this is what I am currently listening to as I write this post.

Listening to: Michel Camilo – Nardis
via FoxyTunes

Cool. And they also say that they will release a new version 3.0 very soon packed with even more new features. I can’t wait.


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