The antidote to virality

I’m not a heavy user of Twitter but like it nonetheless for the regular status tweet and to keep track of some of my more techie friends. One feature I like though but which I hear nobody talk about is their Favorites option. If you like a specific tweet you can click the star in front of the tweet and it will be stored in your favorites tab. I have gathered a few remarkable and I think funny tweets over time and thought about sharing some of them with you.

So I logged in to Twitter, went to my account page and clicked favorites. This is how the page looks:


But what struck me is that I cannot find a share option anywhere from where you can forward it to friends by mail. So I had to get the URL and do it myself. But when logged in the URL looks like this:

Which would result in this happening when I would forward it to you:


So I checked out what the URL structure was at the favorites section of other users. It looks like this:

I guess this makes it a lot less likely that I would share the service with my (non-Twittering) friends, don’t you think?!

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