Microblogging status report

I just read this blogpost from Fred Wilson in which he says most of his pictures he posted to Flickr the last months came from his Blackberry Curve. I am experiencing the same thing and thought about it a couple of times the last week. If you check out my photostream at Flickr you can see that the last three months are Nokia N70 uploads only since I started using Shozu. And these uploads are more about capturing the moment than anything else. Picture quality often is poor but what I do like is the fact that I am more willing to add a nice picture title while I’m at it. This is no option for me when I’m uploading a big set of pictures taken with my Nikon D50. This would take hours. And it turns out that I make more pictures and more regularly than I write short Tweets. This is why I dig tools such as Shozu – currently used for uploading pictures from my N70 to Flickr, twitterfeed.com – currently used for cross posting blogposts at Twitter – and Dave Winer’s Twittergram – not used yet but going for a test drive soon. Best of both text, picture and video worlds, right?


BTW I am looking for a new smart phone and the main features therefore have to be a very good lens for excellent photo quality, geotagging – too much of a hassle when done afterwards in the PC browser – which implies GPS, and… that’s it. I don’t need a whole office behind the small screen. And I like the usability of Nokia’s a lot. Sounds like a N73? Or N95? Don’t know if the price difference is worth it. Suggestions, anyone?!



  1. Hey there,
    Good to see some more pro photographers using ShoZu! I am also a DSLR user but I have to admit that since joining the company my poor old camera and lenses have sat at the back of my cupboard. Sounds like you travel a lot too, and the fact that my friends and family can see where I am at any time makes them feel safe that I am not under a bus somewhere! I also send pics to my parents’ digital wifi photo frame using ShoZu, something else you might consider.

    As far as new handsets, I use the N95, previously N73, and before that the N70. Mine is the older N95 but I’d recommend trying to get a hold of the updated N95 US or N95 8GB models. The lens on these phones in phenomenal and the post-processing does a beautiful job, much better than the N73. GPS works OK but can take some time to get signal lock (typically 5-10mins). You can always add an external GPS if this bothers you. Firmware updates seem to go some way to fixing this issue though. WiFi is also a huge advantage on the N95. Another option to consider is the Sony Ericsson P1i.

    Hope this helps.

    Mark (ShoZu)

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