1. Google Search
  2. Gmail
  3. Gmail mobile Java app
  4. Google Reader
  5. Google Reader mobile
  6. Google Toolbar
  7. Picasa
  8. Google Analytics
  9. Google AdWords
  10. Google Desktop
  11. Google Webmaster Tools
  12. Google Apps
  13. Google Docs
  14. Google Alerts

I just realized that the Google share of ‘online services’ in my wallet has been increasing drastically lately. Number of products and services in use today: 14. Wow.


I don’t know any brand from which I use more products or services. Do you?


  1. Microsoft perhaps. But add to your list services/products that have been acquired by Google, like Youtube. Makes you wonder who is the Biggest Brother: Microsoft or Google?

  2. I agree with Ton. Today I just started with Google Base my store database will be automatically uploaded every night using a tool made by POS provider.

    The speed provided by the Google servers/facilities located all over the world gives them an edge over the competition in practically every webservice they get involved in.

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