Social object = you

I saw Jyri Engestrom at Reboot 9.0 earlier this year and was impressed by his talk about social objects. Hugh McLeod picked up on the thing as well and has written a lot of good stuff about it:

“11. The interesting thing about the Social Object is the not the object itself, but the conversations that happen around them. The Blue Monster is a good example of this. It’s not the cartoon that’s interesting, it’s the conversatuons that happen around it that’s interesting.

14. The most important word on the internet is not “Search”. The most important word on the internet is “Share”. Sharing is the driver. Sharing is the DNA. We use Social Objects to share ourselves with other people. We’re primates. we like to groom each other. It’s in our nature.

The main social object of RealMee = You. So it’s mainly about what you want to share about yourself with the world. I have had this discussion a lot recently with people. And I’m thinking this might be an interesting theme for an ongoing debate in a social network like Hyves or Facebook. Wadda ya think?


PS actually started writing this post in Tumblr, a cool new tool – at least for me 😉 – which is like a scrapbook. But a simple thought led to a longform post and thought it was more suited for my blog. More on my take on the difference between these tools later.


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