Time bomb

I don’t want to make this blog into a link blog, but I want to make an exception for this article written by BoingBoing editor and Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom author Cory Doctorrow. When you receive an invitation for LinkedIn, Hyves, Facebook or any other social network, have you ever thought: ‘Hmmm, don’t think I want to add this person, but let’s do it anyway, I don’t want to make such a statement now’? I did. And that is exactly what Doctorrow says will destruct every social network in the long run:

“That’s why I don’t worry about Facebook taking over the net. As more users flock to it, the chances that the person who precipitates your exodus will find you increases. Once that happens, poof, away you go — and Facebook joins SixDegrees, Friendster and their pals on the scrapheap of net.history.


A must read.


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