Tumbling in Paris

I’m writing this post as I’m in the Thalys heading to Paris to attend LeWeb3. Writing in the train, how’s that?! I don’t have a wireless network plan like HSDPA or something like that. Huh, blogging when offline? Yep, using the Windows Live Writer for the first time. Nice tool, although some work has to be done afterwards – I guess – when I want to add all hyperlinks, visuals etc. Nonetheless, better than nothing.

But, the topic of this post is microblogging, micropublishing or whatever you want to call it. I am planning to share some stuff with you the coming days via Tumblr.

I discovered the tool a few weeks ago and was impressed with it right away. With Tumblr, you can post short messages based on text, video and audio in a reverse chronological way, like you see with blogs. You can also create a channel, which is a closed group where only the members are able to see the updates by other members and can invite other members. The difference with blogging is that tumbling is really geared towards short updates which will take you about a minute. This is true for both text, photo and video. Blogging, as you probably know, is more geared towards longer form messages. This is perfectly ok but in practice I find this poses some kind of a hurdle to actually post stuff. You really need a subject, a thought and most of all, the time to work it out. Tumbling is more scribbling in a scrapbook, like a Moleskine notebook which I use to have with me all the time. Hence, my Tumbling website ‘Carp’s Moleskine’.


And I love it. What I used to do is to is to make bookmarks with Delicious – I still do this – but also used their notes section to include the snippet of text, a quote, that struck me most in the article. But the UI of Delicious is about links only so most of the thoughts in there get burried in the end. With Tumblr, these scribbles are the main social object if you will. And you aren’t bound to text only. Sometimes, it’s a quote from an article I read, sometimes it’s a photo I took or got, sometimes it’s a video I saw, or a conversation I overheard. What I notice that’s its much more easy to post something very quickly, also because their mobile client is very handy. And the difference with Twitter for me is that a Tumble isn’t like a Tweet, where I feel you are more or less shouting in a busy bar. My Tumble’s are actually worth looking into now and then for inspiration, at least for me. Oh, and did I tell you the design of the tool is beautiful? More on the difference between Blogging, Twitter and Tumblr in this blogpost from Fred Wilson and on the Union Square Ventures blog, one of the lead investors in Tumblr.

So, what I’ll do the next few days in Paris, is to share some of the things I find remarkable through Carp’s Moleskine instead of blogging my way through the week. I’ll let you know what my experience was through this blog.


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