Smarter conversations equals better products etc.

Bizner positions itself as the Internet bank for entrepreneurs. Which it isn’t, as I experienced when I tried to get some legal documents you need to start your own company. Yme Bosma experienced the same thing and blogged about it. His blog is one of the ten most-read marketing/tech blogs in Holland. Now, my guess would be that a large number of (aspiring) entrepreneurs are readers of his blog. So, when the CEO of Bizner contacted him, Yme invited him to react on the matter on his blog. Which he chose not to do.

Now, do the following search in the Dutch version of Google: ‘Bizner‘. This is what turns up:


Do you think it was a wise decision of the CEO of Bizner not to engage in the discussion? That’s what I think too.



  1. We had a bad experience with Bizner too. They simply told us that we could not do business with Bizner, since we were ‘a startup company with no history’. Say again?
    This was *not* what I expected after hearing and seeing the messages in their media campaigns.

    So, ING Bank was contacted, we had a meeting the next day and they help us to our satisfaction.

  2. Good article Carp. Obviously Google is the first step to research online reputation. verKoopwinkel Marktplaats Handelspost is often referred to as the “Marktplaatswinkel” when you Google that, you get a story saying you have to pay extra if your items aren’t sold. That just isn’t true but it is getting echoed all around the web.
    Ansgar John

    Founder verKoopwinkel

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