RealMee status update

Posting on this blog has been really slow the last two weeks. I expect to post more often the coming weeks. Thanks for hanging in. The reason: RealMee. We are working very hard on improving the service and the results so far are very encouraging. Rising numbers of customers, a lot of good feedback, also on the things that can be improved, enthusiastic user reactions and the first interviews. Yesterday, we got named in an article in Dutch newspaper DAG about influencing your online identity. Cool.


We expect some more coverage in the next weeks. One pointer: the coming days, keep an eye on Hollands most popular web marketing blog FrankWatching.

Check out the Dutch and English RealMee blog if your are interested in our progress on a more regular basis. These are also the blogs where I’m posting all online identity related messages and thoughts.

UPDATE: Check the interview I did for RealMee with Frankwatching 2 days ago. You can vote on the service to say if you think it’s hot or not. We’re at 65% hit vs. 35% failure rate at the moment of writing this blog. You may vote as well 😉



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