Online music is getting better every day

I have been a user of for quite some time and I love it. Among other things, it enables me to record my listening habits over time, get tailored recommendations for other artists based on this data, and share what I like with you through their cool widgets, for example on my personal website at RealMee. I often combine with FoxyTunes Planet when I’m listening to a specific song I want to get to know more about. Clicking on the FoxyTunes ‘explore’ button in my Mozilla browser takes me to the FoxyTunes Planet website where I’m presented with all videos on YouTube, lyrics on LyricWiki, photos on Flickr and music on the Hypemachine that is available for that specific song. Which brings me to the subject of this post.

Recently I have started using some new services that are seriously affecting the way I listen to music. These are Tumblr and the aforementioned Hypemachine. Let me explain how.

Let’s start with Hypemachine. Basically, it’s an MP3 blog aggregator. This means it scrapes all music blogs out there on the web that want to participate and either make the MP3’s these blogs offer avalaible for listening on the Hypemachine or they will refer to the originating blog itself. It enables you to type in the name of any song or artist you are interested in and it presents you with a result page of all music available on the participating music blogs. Just click play and you have a personalized music stream of the music you are interested in. You can only listen to the music streams and not download any of the files. The service actually explicitly asks you to buy the music of the featured artists to support them. I started using it a few weeks ago and I use it mainly to check out new artists or albums I’m interested in. And I love it. As a result, I bought about 10 CD’s at once about two weeks ago.

The other tool is Tumblr. I wrote about it before and use it as a microblogging tool: short messages in text or video that say what I’m interested in, are thinking about etc. Recently, I also started using their audio post functionality. This enables you to upload MP3 files to your Tumblr account and let people play it from your page. It is really easy to do and a great way to show people what music you love to listen to by actually making it possible for them to listen to it. And in the Tumblr format it’s also not necessary to write a lot of words about it so your done in a whim. Check out my Tumblelog to see what music I shared recently.

The other great thing in Tumblr is that in your dashboard it shows the posts of all people you are following. If you only select all audio posts you get a dashboard filled with the favourite music of your friends. Brilliant. It looks like this:


Online music is getting better every day.

BTW Fred Wilson explains how he thinks it can even get better.


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