Add me to your TomTom

A project I worked on for the last few months for TomTom just launched today. As of now, if you are a website publisher or have a blog, you can offer your visitors the possibility to download location based information onto their TomTom device. This information can either be a single address, a set of addresses called a POI (‘point of interest’) set, or a route. On the website – which is part of – you can create a button linking to this location based information and put it onto your website. This is the button which will appear on your site:


If your visitor clicks the button, their free TomTom HOME software will be launched. The next time this person connects his device to his computer, the information will be sent to his TomTom device.

The interesting thing is that the technology – developed in-house by TomTom – was already available for programmers for quite some time now. This resulted in implementations by for example Google who currently enables people to download the results of a search in Google Maps to their device, so they can e.g. navigate immediately to their restaurant of choice. In the Netherlands, the ANWB uses the technology to offer their clients the possibility to download all kind of routes (e.g. the Frisian lakes-route, the Bollenstreek-route) or all the ANWB camping sites to their TomTom.

The current website also makes it possible for non-programmers to use these possibilities to their advantage. You just use one of 9 wizards and at the end you’ll paste a piece of HTML code into your website template. Piece of cake for everyone familiar with gadgets and widgets. All content is hosted at TomTom. For more info check out the blog of the main developer of the application, Jeroen (Dutch only).

I have already placed a ‘Add to TomTom’ button linking to my place on my personal website at RealMee. I expect the Web to be flooded with ‘Add to TomTom’ buttons soon. Go ahead and make yours!



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