Trying to join the conversation

One of my most favorite bloggers is Umair Haque of Bubblegeneration. He blogs about next generation strategies for media, marketing, and brands. This guy is seriously smart and if your into these subjects I highly recommend following him and his blog.

Umair just recently joined the Harvard Business School press as a discussion leader to advance the same subjects as he did on his own blog. For me that meant just another subscription in my feed reader so off course I hit the orange icon at HBS. But what did I notice? HBS only publishes an introduction of the original blogposts through their feeds. Which kinda sucks. Because it will make it more difficult for me to follow one of my favorite business thinkers through my favorite feed reading application Google Reader.

So I decided to leave a comment on his first post asking Umair about this particular media strategy, especially in the light of one of his mantras that ‘open will beat closed’. This is what I got after submitting my comment:


I will keep you posted…

UPDATE: see the comments where Paul of HBS explains they’re working on fixing the RSS feed. Great.



  1. Hi Ronald,

    Paul Michelman from here. Thanks for your post — and you’re right on both counts. We’re working on smoothing out a few wrinkles with our full-text RSS feed and hope to have it available soon. The message you received after posting your comment to our site is an artifact of an earlier time for us. You shouldn’t see that message again. Thanks again for pointing these things out.


  2. Ronald,

    I work with Paul at and have my finger on the button of FeedBurner over here…

    Thanks for the feedback. We’ve opened up the feed to allow full posts. We tested a few RSS readers and found the formatting to be fine, but we’ve also heard from others that line breaks are sometimes left out. Please let me know if you see any issues with the formatting and we’ll get it cleaned up.

    You can find the full RSS feed for all of our blogs at:

    Also, any other comments – good or bad – are welcome and encouraged.



  3. Hi Rob,

    Feeds works like a charm, thanks.

    One other thing I noticed was that when following my original link in this post to the article of Umair it actually is an old version. Another page ( is up now containing more comments, 33 versus 22. I guess you renamed the pages. I would be really hestitant with this practice to avoid spreading links over the Web that are out of date.

    Once again, thanks for joining the conversation.


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