SEO learnings

So, we are a few months underway with RealMee. You might want to check out our English or Dutch blog if you want to know more details. One of the main elements of the service is that you get a good ranking in the search engines when people search for your name. To realize this goal we have optimized our service for search engines. Along the way I have learned a few things. Let me share them with you.

To begin with the results first. The page rank – indicating a page’s relevancy – of RealMee’s pages is distributed from 0-4. As you probably know, a higher number means more relevant which is better for results in search engines. My personal website has been upgraded last week by Google to a page rank of 4 and is the highest of the lot. And it shows in the current organic search engine results when looking for ‘ronald carpentier’ – so without brackets (“) which would improve the results:


Not bad when you realize that I have a lot of competition on my name. From myself 😉

My learnings:

  1. Organic search results fluctuate per search – which really surprised me. It is amazing to see that even when searching for the same term within one minute it will generate different results. The Google dance is definitely a fact.
  2. Optimizing a website for search engines is no rocket science. It just means optimizing and tweaking continuously. The main drivers are known by everyone (incoming links from websites with a higher page rank, URL structure, keywords) and then there are a bunch of additional tactics (20-30) that you have to experiment with. BTW these are shared publicly by the search engines, e.g. site description files, meta tags, header tags etc. This doesn’t mean it’s easy, but you’ll have to invest time all the way to learn and keep learning.
  3. Incoming links are essential for building your page rank. I noticed what a number of articles in famous Dutch blogs did for our traffic and page rank.
  4. Building a solid SEO’d service takes time: we are almost active for five months now and we are still improving. Because of a higher page rank your site will be visited by the search engine crawlers more often which will in turn lead to better results in the engines when looking for someone.

And then, there are some things that don’t work well yet – and that’s what we are working on right now 😉 Keep you posted.



  1. Type in your website and discover optimizationtips:
    Optimization Score: 71%
    Not all images on page have width & height dimensions: Make sure all img tags have height & width attributes.
    Title relevancy is less than 100%: The terms used in the page title should be found somewhere on the page.
    The page contains more than 10 meta keywords: Reduce the number keywords and make them accurate.

  2. for example:
    name=”keywords” content=”directory,realmee,realme,real me,search,find,found,homepage,website,profile,personal,me,i,search results,google,name”

    Suggestion delete: google search results me I personal profile website homepage find found search

    Why? You will never be found on these keywords

    Add (maximum 10): personal directory, personal page, name on the internet, etc etc

    Good luck!

  3. Thank you for your reply.
    I’ve seen the tool on but unfortunately it isn’t the one I’ve used previously, although similar.
    My search continues…
    Regardless, thanks for your time and efforts.

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