Who’s your momma?

Wow, this was a show to remember. Yesterday evening Roos and Ed (thanks for the invitation guys!), Jeroen (thanks for the ride :-)) and I went to the second and final concert of Anouk in the Gelredome in Arnhem, Holland. And it was very impressive. It definitely entered my concert top-10.

Anouk was really good: her voice was brilliant, I didn’t hear one false note. And her new band was great as well. Very tight sound, and they played with a lot of energy. Also, the lights were done tastefully.

A show of Anouk these days isn’t only about rocking the place. There also were a lot of ballads, which isn’t surprising if you know her last two albums ‘Hotel New York’ and ‘Who’s your momma?’. But fear not: the two guitars were really going wild in Jerusalem, one of my favourite tracks on HNY.

Check out a review with set list here and listen to a radio interview here which was done last week (Dutch only).

Off course, I Tumbled, Twittered, YouTubed and Flickered my way through the whole experience. And you might want to check out this video I made of the ballad ‘Sacrifice’ halfway through the show. It starts just after the intro and consists of the remainder of the 4-minute-song.



  1. Lekker dit zaakje afgetwitterd en getubed en gewflickerd!
    Check ook you tube: diné Frans B. voor een impressie van de avond ervoor! Gr Ed

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