3-5-5 pixel policy

Two weeks ago the screen of my HP Compac NC8430 laptop went totally black. Fortunately, it was still in its guarantee period so they picked it up the other day and apparently sent it to Poland for repair. It came back last week with a brand new monitor. With a big scratch in the case. Ouch. So one day later they sent one of their mechanics over to my office. And installed a second brand new screen. And it worked. But what did I notice when I booted up my PC? Was that a dead pixel? Ouch again. So before calling their call centre I decided to check for some HP pixel policies online. And yes, there they were. I learned a lot.

Did you know that every pixel is made up from 3 sub-pixels in the colors red, blue and green? And that you have two types of pixel issues: a full pixel defect and a sub pixel defect? I didn’t. It turns out I have one bright dot sub-pixel effect which shows as a blue dot on black backgrounds. This ambitious sub-pixel is on all of the time.

HP policy is that you get a new screen for every full pixel defect but you need more than 3 bright, 5 dark or 5 combined sub-pixel defects. So the new-screen-counter didn’t get to three.


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